About Me

Hello! I am a first-year PhD student in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I am advised by Chris-Callison Burch and Duncan Watts. I received my MS (2019) and BA (2018) in Computer Science from Columbia University, where I also minored in Linguistics and Economics. My research interests are in natural language processing (NLP), speech, and artificial intelligence. Specifically, I aim to develop systems that are robust, generalizable, and informed by both machine learning methods and linguistic theory.

Previously, I worked as an Applied Scientist at Amazon in both Amazon Web Services and Alexa. At Columbia, I was advised by Julia Hirschberg and Kathleen McKeown at the Natural Language Processing group. I have also been fortunate enough to work with Jesse Harris at UCLA, and Andreas Stolcke at Microsoft.

In addition to research, I am also dedicated towards teaching, and have served as a teaching assistant for computer science courses, introductory to graduate-level.

Recent News

(20 January 2021) I will be TAing NETS 213 - Crowdsourcing with Prof. Chris Callison-Burch this semester.
(1 September 2020) I will be TAing NETS 112 - A Networked Life with Prof. Duncan Watts this semester.


  • I hail from Irvine, a wonderful college town in Southern California.
  • One of my medium long-term goals is to become proficient in Mandarin Chinese at a conference-sational level. All those Sundays in Chinese school leading to 对不起,我的中文不是特别好…
  • I’m interested in Asian-American affairs and representation, and was a member of Columbia’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM).
  • I’m an (amateur) violinist and musician. As a member of Columbia Pops, I helped found, played violin, and arranged music for the group.
  • I’m trying to start an Otamatone cover channel on Youtube. Word is out on when I’ll have the time/motivation to get to it though.
  • My favorite Pokemon is Azumarill. Hope it shows up in Detective Pikachu 2…