About Me

Hello! I am an incoming PhD student in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I graduated from Columbia University, where I received an MS in Computer Science (2019), and an BA in Computer Science with minors in Linguistics and Economics (2018). My research interests are in natural language processing (NLP), speech, and artificial intelligence. Specifically, I hope to develop systems that are robust, generalizable, and informed by both machine learning methods and linguistic theory.

Previously, I worked as an Applied Scientist at Amazon. In Alexa AI I developed NLU systems to model complex utterances. In AWS I developed summarization models with Prof. Kathleen McKeown.

At Columbia, I was advised by Prof. Julia Hirschberg at the Spoken Language Processing Group, and worked on developing natural-sounding text-to-speech systems. I have also been fortunate enough to work with Prof. Jesse Harris at UCLA, and Dr. Andreas Stolcke at Microsoft.

In addition to research, I am also dedicated towards teaching, and have served as a teaching assistant for computer science courses, introductory to graduate-level.


(15 April 2020) Happy to announce that I will starting a PhD in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania in Fall 2020.
(4 April 2020) Our paper Exploring Content Selection in Summarization of Novel Chapters has been accepted to ACL 2020.
(22 November 2019) I will be attending NDS Symposium 2019, and presenting our work on Cantonese Automatic Speech Recognition Using Transfer Learning from Mandarin.
(20 September 2019) Our group’s paper Prosody Prediction from Syntactic, Lexical, and Word Embedding Features has been accepted to the Speech Synthesis Workshop at Interspeech 2019.
(12 May 2019) I am attending ICASSP 2019 in Brighton, UK, and giving a lecture talk on our paper Acoustic and Lexical Sentiment Analysis for Customer Service Calls.


  • I hail from Irvine, a wonderful college town in Southern California.
  • I’m an (amateur) violinist and musician. As a member of Columbia Pops, I helped found, played violin, and arranged music for the group.
  • I’m trying to start an Otamatone cover channel on Youtube. Word is out on when I’ll have the time/motivation to get to it though.
  • I’m passionate about Asian-American affairs and representation, and was a member of Columbia’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM).
  • My favorite Pokemon is Azumarill. Hope it shows up in Detective Pikachu 2…